Record and Schedule Trigger Flow in Salesforce

Record and Schedule Trigger Flow in Salesforce

Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder is a powerful tool that allows users to create, automate, and streamline business processes within the Salesforce platform. It is part of Salesforce's suite of tools for building custom applications and automating various tasks without the need for extensive coding.

The Key Features of Salesforce Flow Builder:-

Drag-and-Drop Interface: The Flow Builder provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create flows quickly and easily. Users can add various screen elements, decision elements, and actions by simply dragging them onto the canvas.

Screen Elements: Flow Builder offers a wide range of screen elements, such as text, input fields (like text, picklists, radio buttons), rich text, images, and more. These elements are used to collect data or display information to users during the flow.

Data Collection and Updates: Flows built with Screen Flow Builder can gather data from users and update records in Salesforce based on the information provided. It supports creating, updating, and deleting records.

Decision Elements: With decision elements, you can add conditional logic to your flows. Depending on the data entered by users or the data retrieved from Salesforce records, the flow can take different paths.

Action Elements: Action elements allow you to perform various actions during the flow, like creating records, updating fields, sending emails, making API calls, and more.

Integration: Screen Flow Builder can integrate with other Salesforce features, such as Lightning pages, Visualforce pages, or Lightning Web Components. This enables users to embed flows seamlessly into their Salesforce environment.

Validation and Error Handling: You can add validation rules and error handling to ensure that users enter correct and valid data during the flow. Error screens can be designed to display custom error messages.

Multi-Step Flows: Flows can have multiple screens, guiding users step-by-step through a process. This helps streamline complex tasks and ensures data consistency.

Course Overview Introduction


In this course I have covered complete syllabus of Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder as Screen Flow, Record Trigger Flow, Schedule Trigger Flow and Auto launched Flow with Real Time Scenarios.

Where you will be learn advanced technical scenarios based on projects live demo step-by-step guide from beginning to advanced level of Screen Flow Builder in Salesforce.

I have taken care of who are brand new to start Salesforce Career and want to grow their Career in Salesforce.

What you'll learn:-

✪ Real time scenario to build screen flow

✪ Real time scenario to build Auto launched flow

✪ Different types of flows

✪ Lightning Flow -Build Flows with Flow Builder

✪ Lightning Flow Builder elements and Keyboard Shortcuts

✪ Lightning Flow Builder

✪ Customize the Error Message for Running Flow Users

✪ Flow exception handling mechanism

✪ Building Blocks of Flows

✪ Activate or Deactivate a Flow

✪ Integrate with External Systems from a Flow

✪ Update Salesforce Records from a Flow

✪ Launch a Flow from a Workflow Action

✪ Options for Sending Emails from a Flow

✪ Debug a Flow in Flow Builder

✪ Add a Flow to a Lightning Page

✪ Run a Flow in Flow Builder

✪ Redirect Flow Users with a Local Action

✪ Share the Flow URL or Create a Custom Button, Link, or Web Tab

✪ Launch a Flow from a Process - Process Builder

✪ Create an Object-Specific Quick Action That Launches a Flow

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

Record Trigger Flow:-

✪ How to Create Contact automatically whenever Account is created?

✪ How to check Condition to Create Contact automatically whenever Account is created?

✪ If Account Type is "Technology Partner" then set Rating as "Hot" of Account Record.

✪ If Account is Created, then Create a Contact Automatically and linked to the related Account.

✪ How to use $Record and $Record__Prior value in Record-Trigger Flow?

✪ How to update Parent to Child record without Loop using Record-Trigger Flow?

✪ How to update Parent to Child record Using Loop Element in Record Trigger Flow?

✪ How to send an Email after created record through Record Trigger Flow?

✪ Whenever Lead Source changed as "Web" then Send Custom Notification to a Public Group.

✪ Whenever Lead Status changed as "Closed Converted" then Delete the Lead Record.

✪ Populate Total No of related record from Record Trigger Flow using Record Type.

✪ How to assign Permission Set to a User automatically upon User is updated?

✪ How to check duplicate record check through flow and validation rule?

✪ If Lead is Created then Create a "Post to Chatter record" through Action in Record Trigger Flow.

✪ If Lead is Created then Create a "Post to Chatter" in Record Trigger Flow Using Create Record Element.

Schedule Trigger Flow & Auto launched Flow:-

✪ How to Schedule Trigger Flow to update the Opportunity Record?

✪ How to Schedule-Trigger Flow  to update Lead where Lead Source is Web?

✪ How to Schedule-Trigger Flow to Send an Email to Lead Owner when Rating is Hot?

✪ How to call Autolaunched flow into a sub flow as a record trigger flow.