Visualforce Page in Salesforce

Visualforce Page in Salesforce

Course Overview:-

This course is completely designed for that student who is interested to learn from basic concept of lightning aura framework implementation with custom project scenarios of lightning component.

In this course I have covered  complete syllabus of lightning aura framework and Visualforce from basics to advance with real-time scenarios based on live demo projects example in Salesforce.

This course is designed for developers who want to learn how to use the lightning aura components framework to build custom user interfaces on the Salesforce platform. 

It is suitable for developers who have experience with JavaScript and web development, and want to learn how to use the Lightning Aura Components framework and Visualforce to build modern, reactive user interfaces that can be easily integrated into Salesforce.

It is also suitable for experienced Salesforce developers who want to learn how to use the Lightning Aura Components Framework to build more efficient and scalable user interfaces.

I have taken care of who are brand new to start Salesforce Career as a developer and want to grow their Career in Salesforce development.

Course Overview

What is Visualforce?

Visualforce is a legacy framework for building custom user interfaces and web pages within Salesforce. It uses a tag-based markup language that resembles HTML, and developers can use Apex to add logic to these pages.

Some important key features and concepts of Lightning Aura Framework:-

Component-Based Architecture: The Lightning Aura Framework is based on a component-based architecture, where user interface elements are encapsulated as reusable components.

Proprietary Markup Language: Developers use the Aura Markup Language (Aura XML) to define the structure and layout of components.

Client-Side and Server-Side Logic: Lightning Aura components can contain both client-side JavaScript controllers and server-side Apex controllers. This allows developers to implement business logic on the client side for responsiveness and on the server side for data processing and interaction with Salesforce data.

Event-Driven Communication: Components in the Lightning Aura Framework communicate with each other through events.

Lightning Experience: Lightning Aura components were designed to be a part of the Lightning Experience, Salesforce's modern user interface. They provide a more dynamic and responsive user experience compared to the older Visualforce framework.

In this course we will learn about the following topics:-

✪ Create lightning component with Server side call to get records.

✪ Display object records in Search.

✪ Navigation to other record and pages in aura lightning component.

✪ How to use of Event to communicate between multiple components.

✪ How to use Component, Controller, and Helper to create interface of Project.

✪ How to use of Application and Component Event to communicate between one component to another component.

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

I created three section to complete the syllabus of Aura Framework and Visualforce in Salesforce.

Visualforce Page ::

✪ How to Fetch data from server in Visualforce?

✪ How to Get Billing Address of Account based on Quote record Id in Visualforce?

✪ How to Insert an Account Record in Visualforce?

✪ How to call Lightning Component from Visualforce page?

✪ How to display related record of Account based on record Id in a Visualforce?

✪ How to retrieve data from multiple objects a Visualforce?

✪ How to find Quote owner manager’s Name and Email in Visualforce?

✪ How to add header and footer in Visualforce page in rendered as PDF?