Lightning Web Component (LWC)

Lightning Web Component (LWC)

Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC)
is a framework provided by Salesforce for building user interfaces (UI) in web applications. It is designed to work within the Salesforce platform and allows developers to create dynamic, reusable components that can be easily integrated into Salesforce applications. 

Some important key features and concepts of Salesforce Lightning Web Components:- 

Some important key features and concepts of Salesforce Lightning Web Components:-

Web Standards: LWC is built on modern web standards, such as Web Components, JavaScript, and HTML. This makes it easier for developers familiar with these technologies to start building components.

Component-Based Architecture: LWC promotes a component-based architecture, where UI elements are encapsulated within individual components. These components can be reused across different parts of an application or even in different applications.

Reactivity: LWC supports reactive programming, meaning that components automatically update when data changes. This makes it easy to create interactive and responsive user interfaces.

Event Handling: LWC provides a mechanism for handling events within components. Components can communicate with each other by firing and handling events.

Data Binding: LWC supports two-way data binding, allowing data to flow between components and the underlying data model.

Base Lightning Components: Salesforce provides a set of pre-built, reusable components called Base Lightning Components that developers can use to create their own components. These components adhere to Salesforce's design system, ensuring a consistent look and feel.

Integration with Apex: LWC can interact with server-side logic using Salesforce's Apex programming language. This allows developers to perform server-side actions, such as querying the database or performing business logic.

Lightweight and Fast: LWC aims to be lightweight and efficient, which contributes to faster page load times and improved user experience.

Course Overview Introduction

Course Overview:-

In this course I have covered complete syllabus of Salesforce Lightning Web Component framework with real-time project example step-by-step for beginner to advanced label. 

Where you will be learn advanced technical scenarios based on live demo projects example of LWC in Salesforce.

This course is intended for developers who want to learn how to use the Lightning Web Components framework to build custom user interfaces on the Salesforce platform.  

It is suitable for developers who have experience with JavaScript and web development, and want to learn how to use the Lightning Web Components framework to build modern, reactive user interfaces that can be easily integrated into Salesforce. 

It is also suitable for experienced Salesforce developers who want to learn how to use the Lightning Web Components framework to build more efficient and scalable user interfaces.

I have taken care of who are brand new to start Salesforce Career as a developer and want to grow their Career in Salesforce development.

In this course we will learn about the following topics:-

✪ What is Lightning Web Component framework?
✪ LWC Folder and File Structure
✪ Live Project with complete source code built on LWC
✪ Nested/Component composition
✪ Component life cycle and event best practices
✪ Introduction SLDS and various resources
✪ Various to Invoke Apex from Lightning web component
✪ How to communicate between components using Events
✪ Uses of Navigation services in lightning web component
✪ Lightning Data Services and Base components to get salesforce data in Lightning web Components
✪ Useful JavaScript Properties in lightning component
✪ Use Wire services to access data in LWC
✪ Many more live scenario and step by step way to code the LWC
✪ Mechanism to Debug your lightning web component
✪ Complete access to source code for practice
✪ ways of accessing salesforce resources in LWC
✪ Set up development environment and CLI command to work with LWC
✪ Lightning Web Component Development
✪ LWC and Aura interoperability
✪ Supported browsers, tools and experience for lightning web components
✪ What will you be able to do after taking this course?

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

πŸ‘‰ LWC Setup and Configuration Step by Step ::

✪ LWC Setup Visual Studio Code for Lightning Web Component

✪ How to create Project and Connect to VS Code to Salesforce?

πŸ‘‰Lightning Web Component Bundle Creation and Deployment::

✪  How to create a LWC Component and Deploy to Salesforce?
✪  Display User Personal Information and Pass the JavaScript Attribute value into LWC Component.

πŸ‘‰ Decorators  Variables  in Lightning Web Component(LWC) ::

✪ Decorators Variables in LWC
✪ How to use "@wire " decorators in LWC?
✪ How to fetch all the related list of record in LWC?
✪ How to use "@wire" decorator in the Lighting Data Service?

πŸ‘‰ Data Binding and  Styling CSS in Lightning Web Component(LWC) ::

✪ Data Binding in Lightning Web Component
✪ How to use "querySelector" to Select an element in LWC?
✪ How to use "querySelectorAll" to Select all elements in LWC?
✪ How to pass value from child to parent in LWC?
✪ How to Apply if-else condition in LWC?

πŸ‘‰ Data Rendering and HTML Template  in LWC ::

✪ How to show list of records using foreach loop using  Imperatively Method in LWC? 
✪ How to apply custom style CSS in LWC through JavaScript?
✪ How to display dynamic toast message in LWC?
✪ How to display Modal Popup in LWC?

πŸ‘‰ Insert/Update, Form Validation, and Custom Event in Lightning Web Component(LWC) ::

✪ How to Insert a record and navigate to record detail page in LWC?
✪ How to Insert an Account record Using Apex Class in LWC?
✪ How to Create Dynamically Form Validation of required field in LWC?
✪ How to Create custom lightning spinner in LWC?
✪ How to Insert Edit/Update the records using data service in LWC?
✪ How to use custom event & dispatch event in LWC?